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Cavendish Court seeking artwork to display

Artists, get involved!

The Vigo Group are seeking artwork to display in their offices at Cavendish Court, just across the road from The Point on South Parade.

The Vigo Group is an investment, construction and development company who specialise in giving new life to decaying, properties.

The showcase of art is a great opportunity for Cavendish Court to promote The Point and the work of darts (Doncaster Community Arts) as well as your own work. The art will be visible to Vigo Group clients looking to rent or buy properties in the area as well as Vigo Group staff and existing/future tenants, including a mix of solicitors, graphic designers, health and nursing groups.

If you are interested in having some of your work displayed, please contact Eleni Shah at by Friday 18th May 2018.

You’ll need to send your name and images of the proposed pieces of art, a brief narrative, price (if for sale) and contact details for the information panel. The work needs to be 2D so that it can be hung on a wall and appropriate for an office environment. There are various sized spaces to fill.

If you do sell any of the work displayed, it would be fantastic if you could make a small donation to darts to support the charity’s work.

Send your name and images of the proposed pieces of art, as well as a brief narrative, a price (if for sale) and contact details for the information.

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