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Creative Classrooms

A Creative Classroom is a place where everyone can flourish and grow

A group of a school children and a woman with light brown hair and glasses sit on the floor in a classroom, smiling and laughing

Creative Classrooms is a programme of drama work designed for primary schools, to support students to develop their emotional literacy, while building communication and empathy skills.

This work is rooted in darts’ approach which draws on 30 years’ experience of delivering creative activity in partnership with schools. Professional theatre-makers work with a whole class for a half term, using an age-appropriate story to slowly understand a range of emotions the characters are feeling, and in turn, we might feel too.

Why offer Creative Classrooms in your school?

  • To help students understand themselves and their feelings
  • To support students in building relationships and their ability to empathise

As part of Creative Classrooms, teachers and teaching assistants receive professional CPD in using drama in the classroom and supporting students in understanding their emotions.

To find out more about how your school can embrace Creative Classrooms, download the Creative Classrooms Executive Summary at the top of this page.

two boys stand smiling and looking upwards in a classroom

A Creative Classroom is a place where:

  • Everyone can flourish and grow in the direction they choose
  • Children understand their own behaviours and needs in order improve their physical and mental well-being
  • Children develop key life skills, such as decision making, emotional literacy and effective communication
  • Children understand resilience and empathy by processing their own behaviours
  • Children can identify their own special skill and experience success
  • Children influence action, overcome obstacles and create alternative endings to stories
  • Children share their learning with parents and guardians so they are engaged in the process
  • Children lead the way into a deep dive of their own personal journey
  • Teachers learn a series of drama techniques to embed within the creative classroom approach. They will have a take-away model and techniques that they can use independently of the artist
  • Teachers co-design the programme with artists to ensure a whole school commitment to the approach
  • Teachers continue to deliver and embed creative classrooms beyond the life of the project
  • Schools share the learning with partner schools
A group of children smile and lift their arms in the air, wearing blue school jumpers and white polo shirts

Teacher feedback

  • 100% of participating teachers said their students were better able to express their emotions and feelings

  • 100% also saw improved engagement in creative activity across all of their students

  • 100% understand the benefits of drama for their pupils

  • There’s also a 37% increase in confidence in teachers using drama techniques in their classrooms

Loren, class teacher at Edlington Victoria Academy

My class have really loved every session with Emma, her energy, passion and enthusiasm has been incredible each week. She has took time to get to know each of the children and uses this to support them within her sessions allowing every child to succeed and thrive. I have seen children who were very reluctant to talk and join in with class activities – participate, engage and communicate their ideas and feelings. The children will be sad the sessions are now finished as ask weekly when our next session is.  I, as a teacher have also learnt a lot and look forward to using some of the ideas into my own classroom practice.

Rachel, class teacher at Rosedale Primary School

Beth has been absolutely fantastic. She has been able to adapt her sessions on the spot based on the needs of my children on the day. She has given all the children in my class the opportunity to have a voice and feel heard. The children have been very excited about having Beth in and they have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.


If you are interested in bringing Creative Classrooms into your school, or would like to know more about the project, please contact Sarah, Director: Arts and Education on

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