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Creative Classrooms

A Creative Classroom is a place where everyone can flourish and grow

A group of a school children and a woman with light brown hair and glasses sit on the floor in a classroom, smiling and laughing

Creative Classrooms is a programme of drama work designed for primary schools, to support students to develop their emotional literacy, while building communication and empathy skills.

This work is rooted in darts’ approach which draws on 30 years’ experience of delivering creative activity in partnership with schools. Professional theatre-makers work with a whole class for a half term, using an age-appropriate story to slowly understand a range of emotions the characters are feeling, and in turn, we might feel too.

Why offer Creative Classrooms in your school?

  • To help students understand themselves and their feelings
  • To support students in building relationships and their ability to empathise

As part of Creative Classrooms, teachers and teaching assistants receive professional CPD in using drama in the classroom and supporting students in understanding their emotions.

To find out more about how your school can embrace Creative Classrooms, download the Creative Classrooms Executive Summary at the top of this page.


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