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Creative Directions

Opportunities for adults to develop and maintain good mental health

Two adults sit at a table making art, one smiles at the other person's work. They both have long hair. Part of a Creative Directions session delivered by darts at The Point in Doncaster.

What is Creative Directions?

Creative Directions is a weekly opportunity for adults in Doncaster with experience of mental health issues to develop and maintain good mental health, make connections with others and build their confidence long term.

Regular positive activity, support and signposting responds to individual need. Participants can often be isolated and lonely, lacking in confidence, with low emotional resilience. By attending Creative Directions, they engage in activities that, over time, enable them to develop practical, social and personal skills, empowering them to make positive changes in their life.

I feel calm and less stressed. I leave my troubles at the door. In here I forget about the outside world. – Participant

A group of adults are seated at tables covered in art materials. Two adults at the front of the room sit opposite one another, chatting and looking at a portrait one of them has painted. Part of a Creative Directions session at The Point in Doncaster.

Our approach

Our artists deliver a regular, absorbing and appropriately challenging offer, in a safe, welcoming building. This builds trust, increases confidence and develops the ability to try new things. The activity – for example making a film, creating a collage, writing a poem or recording a track – engages participants and provides focus.

darts · Creative Directions in Edlington

Participants, who may initially be very negative, unmotivated or non-verbal, begin to see what they can achieve. Feelings of self-worth increase and – through gentle challenge – participants push themselves further and see themselves differently; increasing independence. Skills and strategies will be sustainable, enabling participants to maintain emotional wellbeing long term.

Attending Creative Directions has put me on the track to recovering the confidence I used to have. It’s been an invaluable stepping stone to rebuilding my life. – Participant

An adult with long blonde hair is seated in a wheelchair opposite an adult with long brown hair and a beard who is sat on a chair. They are touching index fingers of opposite hands and smiling. Part of a Creative Directions Moves session delivered by darts at The Point in Doncaster.

Our sessions

We run Creative Directions art sessions for adults in Edlington and in our purpose built arts centre, The Point, in Doncaster city centre. There’s plenty to take part in, including music, creative writing, textiles, printmaking, painting, song writing and more. No experience is necessary and we provide all the materials. As well as our art group, we also run Creative Directions Moves – a safe and supportive space for adults in Doncaster to boost wellbeing through creative movement. To find out about all of our current Creative Directions sessions happening across Doncaster, click here.

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