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Meet the Artist: Dyzelle Sutherland

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Dyzelle is a musician and normally spends most of her working week out and about in the community, delivering music workshops with people of all ages and abilities. She says “Every day is different in the world of darts workshop delivery, but a big part of my job is about supporting people to develop their confidence and ability in music-making.”

Dyzelle has been delivering work with darts for over 7 years and is one of our Core Artists, delivering fantastic music sessions with many different groups including All Aboard, Creative Directions, Tuneful Chatter and our Wednesday Music Club.

We asked Dyzelle for one of her favourite darts memories and she told us:

There are different types of memorable moments for me: the huge events like the Sing Out events at Doncaster Dome, or performing with groups at the Music For Youth proms in Birmingham, that involve hundreds of people and make you go ‘wow’. There are also the small breakthrough moments that aren’t so noticeable at first, like seeing a young person desperately trying to communicate their ideas to me through Makaton sign language and seeing the happiness and relief on their face, knowing that I understood them. Or bumping into an adult participant who tells you that they enjoyed darts music sessions so much it inspired them to start learning an instrument and that they are teaching themselves to read music at home.

For darts at Home, Dyzelle created lots of resources and activities for people to access at home – a mix of videos, resource packs and short weekly challenges. She says that working from home totally changed the way she worked:

I would normally spend most of my time running workshops in person, in front of large groups of people. A huge portion of these workshops would also involve constantly reacting to what is happening in that room – reacting to the skill level of participants, to a creative idea furtively offered, to the energy levels on that day, and also to outside factors I have no control over. During lockdown, I found myself creating work to send to people and using my skills and experience to pitch these at a good level: where there are challenges and opportunities for the braver participants, but remaining very accessible for those who may not be so far along their creative journey.

Despite these challenges, Dyzelle says that she felt really inspired:

I was tasked with leading several groups of artists during the creation process: acting as a sounding board, an editor, a source of support, and at times, a guinea pig for new ideas. This insight into the creative process of other artists has been refreshing, inspiring and pushed me to observe problems and tasks from a completely different angle and consider things afresh. The situation also pushed me to explore and discover techniques and approaches that I simply didn’t have time for during my normal working week: filming content, recording techniques, basic editing, live video calls to name a few of my new weekly tasks. These approaches will stay in my toolkit, strengthen with experience and enhance the work that darts offers moving forward.

These images were taken by photographer James Mulkeen during lockdown, June 2020. James visited the artists at home and took photographs at a safe social distance.

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