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Meet the Artist: Hayley Beecher

Find out more about the artists delivering your darts activities

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You might meet dancer Hayley Beecher if you come along to one of our Dance On session for over 50s at The Point on Tuesdays. Read on to find out more about Hayley’s thoughts on the benefits of dance and what she loves about working with Doncaster residents.

How long have you been dancing and what inspired you to become a dancer?

Just like the T. Rex song: ‘I danced myself right out the womb’ and I’ve always liked to boogie. Growing up, music and dance was such a big thing; it always brought the family so much joy and laughter. I was a professional ice dancer first then studied Contemporary Dance at University. I have worked in community arts ever since.

What do you love most about dancing with people?

The best thing about dancing is that you can express yourself. I’m passionate about helping others and through movement we can be most true to ourselves and our feelings. When we move, we can feel connected, accepted, loved and free. The feeling is utterly addictive – a little bit like running downhill fast, unafraid of a fall.

If you could work on anything, what would your dream project or workshop be?

A dream workshop would be where we are free to play and explore our interests. When we are open to the unexpected and not bound by any constraints. I have been lucky to be part of dream projects, they are when we deliver what we promise and hearts and minds change. And of course, a dream project needs music, movement, great people, snacks and a healthy budget!

Two people dancing together in a session led by darts in Doncaster.

What do you love most about working with members of the Doncaster community?

I’m bowled over by the love and generosity of Doncaster communities! They have an ability to trust in the creative process, in hope of something great coming out of it – for themselves and for the greater good. They are varies, distinct and proud. The Doncaster community have bucketloads of heart and they won’t take anything but honesty. I love working in Doncaster.

Any advice for someone wanting to get more creative?

My advice is – don’t listen to any advice. You know yourself best. Follow your gut, wear your heart o your sleeve and be unafraid to try something new.


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