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darts at Home: Luke Carver Goss

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Luke Carver Goss is a workshop leader, composer and performer. He writes for and performs with unusual and regular instrumental combinations, as well as devising and improvising musical material with a number of groups.

Luke has been delivering sessions with darts since late 2017 and says:

Two particular great memories involve spontaneous dancing and singing - and whirling around the room at high speed… Followed by a deep bow! (Clips of both are featured on darts' recent film about the impact of arts on health)

We asked Luke what he’s been doing to get through lockdown. He said “In no particular order – Singing to myself, exercise, ice cream and beer! Although some of these may cancel the others out!

For darts at Home, Luke has put together the music and video for the song ‘Making Art’. He says that this was a a steep learning curve for him because prior to this he had never really made a video before. Despite the challenge, it was a great learning experience and helped with his continuing professional development. Luke is now working on a song with Ian McMillan – ‘When This is All Over’, which will be recorded – and hopefully videoed by Jim Lockey.

Luke says:

Most of the work I’ve contributed has involved recording and composing material - which I am used to - and making a video of myself - which I am not. I have to say that although I enjoy recording - sitting at home filming myself isn’t amongst my favourite pastimes! I’m really looking forward to getting back to working with everyone in real time again.

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