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Meet the Artist: Mick Jenkinson

Find out more about the artists creating your darts activities

Mick is a performing songwriter, poet and musician who is enthusiastic about getting other people involved in creative activities – both writing and performing. He is passionate about Doncaster and is always particularly happy about opportunities that combine both of those interests.

Mick became involved in darts activities initially through the Right Up Our Street project in 2013 and has been delivering sessions with Creative Directions in the Community since early 2019. He says:

I’m always astonished and delighted by the process of working with a group and successfully creating a collaborative song from scratch. Because it’s taken on a particular significance, I will choose the last one we wrote at Askern immediately before the lockdown – Treasured Memories - as my favourite moment of working with darts so far.

For darts at Home, Mick created video recordings of all the Creative Directions in the Community songs created in sessions. This is to inspire people to create their own lyrics and songs, as well as making them available and accessible to those who can’t access the sessions they normally would attend.

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