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darts Lone Working Policy

For all staff and volunteers

An adult with short-ish grey hair and dark clothing sits and holds a musical instrument with lots of metal rods hanging down. A child with short fair hair and a grey sweatshirt is playing with the instrument. The adult is looking at the child and the child is looking at the instrument, they are both in a classroom. This is part of All Aboard, a project in Doncaster led by darts

Lone Working Policy

  1. The term ‘lone working’ is used in this guidance to describe a wide variety of staff who work, either regularly or occasionally, on their own, without access to immediate support from work colleagues, managers, or others. This could be out of hours at The Point, or in a community setting.

  2. darts has a legal duty to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of employees while at work. darts is responsible for assessing the risks to lone workers and taking steps to avoid or control the risks where necessary.

  3. If working one to one at The Point, staff should ensure they are working in a room where they can be overlooked and take a walkie-talkie with them. They can end the session if they feel at all uncomfortable.

  4. A risk assessment should be completed for each session.

  5. All staff must take reasonable precautions to ensure their own safety. This includes:

  • Checking directions for the destination when working off site.

  • Ensure mobile phones are charged with relevant numbers stored e.g. darts reception/line manager’s mobile number

  • If there is any indication that a building has been broken into, a staff member must not enter alone, but must wait for back-up.

  • Ensuring any car, if used, is road-worthy, has enough fuel and has break-down cover.

  • Taking care when entering or leaving empty buildings, especially at night.  Avoiding poorly lit or deserted areas where possible.

  • Ensuring that items such as laptops or mobile phones are carried discreetly.

  • Staff should leave immediately and inform darts if at any time they feel a personal risk to safety.

  1. When working alone at The Point staff should take care to ensure the building is secured from intruders whilst working alone; avoiding using the lift; always retaining keys and access fobs.; and keeping a working mobile phone on their person in case of emergency.

  2. Staff must not work alone under the following circumstances:

  • Working at height

  • Manual handling of heavy or bulky items

  • Transport of injured persons

  • Transport of participants

June 2024

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