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Our Story

Listen to our memories and stories from 1990 to now


The welcome and waiting area in our building, The Point, is called Story.

To mark our 30th year, we commissioned poet, Ian McMillan and musician, Janet Wood to encapsulate a series of memories in prose and poetry, and share them as stories for people to enjoy. We collaborated with Eleven Design, lettering artist Oli Frape and Dyson Signs to achieve the finishes piece – a mix of digitally printed ply panels and hand painted lettering that fill the walls.

You can listen to each of the pieces here:

The Dream

Arts & Health Training (1993)

Schoolchildren Remember Brodsworth Colliery (1994)

Meeting in the Middle at Beckett Road Pupil Referral Unit (1996)

Moving into The Point (1997)

Dancing darts: Moments Across the Years

Jackie’s Chandelier

On the Streets with Streetreach (1998)

Launching The Point: ‘The Ghosts at Number 16’ (1998)

Choir Practice

The Art of Play with Very Young Children (2006)

Hilda’s Folder

Finding More Than 90 Seconds to Care in Doncaster Royal Infirmary (2012)

The Gallery at The Point (2007 onwards)

Acting Up: Drama Across the Years

Ruth’s Moon

Our Creative Directions Participants Create the Preparing to Fly Film (2016)

The Story of Doncaster Music Education Hub (2012 onwards)


When the World Went Quiet (2020)


Over to You…

We would love to hear your stories and experiences with darts artists across the years. Did you see the recreation of the 40-tonne Elephant and Mahout found in Doncaster’s legendary The Sand House in The Point’s Gallery?  Did you attend Art in the House as a teenager? Did you bring your tiny children to see and take part in our immersive ‘Just a Bit of Paper’ performance for under 5’s? Did darts’ artists come to your school in costume and tell you that an alien spacecraft had landed in your playground?

Send your stories to us here –

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