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dash for darts blog – Eliza

Find out why Eliza is running Doncaster 10k for darts

Eliza is running on the road wearing black shorts and a grey top and smiling.
  1. How did you first get involved with darts?

I’m an Arts Administrator at darts, working on fundraising and development, so a lot of my work involves writing funding bids to trusts and foundations, contacting local businesses and strengthening corporate partnerships to help fund the work we do as a charity.


  1. What does darts mean to you?

For me, darts means creativity, opportunity and community. Working alongside so many talented artists and passionate support staff is brilliant, and seeing the impact of creativity in the local community makes my job worthwhile. Much of the reason I wanted to work with darts is because I wish there had been opportunities such as Art Club or First Verse local to me when I was growing up, so that I could have had those experiences growing up. Through my role, I want to help ensure the future of our programmes, so that others can have access to inspiring creative opportunities.


  1. Can you tell us more about why you wanted to get involved in dash for darts?

As my role is predominantly in fundraising, it seemed only right! I’ve taken part in various community fundraising events over the years for various charities, and always love the buzz and sense of community that can be created by these kind of events. I ran Leeds Half Marathon with a group of friends last year, and it was such a fun, joyful event. Hopefully the people of Donny will be out and celebrating together at the Doncaster 10k!


  1. When and why did you first take up running?

I first took up running back in school, competing in cross country and athletics for my school team and local athletics club. Those days are far behind, but I still love running for the sense of freedom and mental clarity it can give you. Even on days when I’m tired, or don’t really feel like running, just getting up and moving your body does so much to sweep negative thoughts and stress away.


  1. How are you finding training and feeling about the Doncaster City 10k?

I go running fairly often, so having something to aim towards is really motivating – I’m more nervous about hitting our target than the running itself!

I’ve managed to convince a few friends to come on training runs with me, so it’s a really enjoyable, social experience too. As summer draws to a close and the days are getting shorter, having something to get up and get out for, especially when it’s for a cause close to your heart, makes the colder evenings and shorter days much more manageable.

  1. If you could share any messages for darts’ audience and dash for darts sponsors, what would it be?

As a charity, we can only exist through fundraising – whether that means grants from trusts and foundations, local business sponsorship, or generous donations from individuals – every donation makes a huge difference.

Your support means that we can continue running inspiring and accessible creative activities for those in the community who experience the greatest barriers to the arts. With the Cost of Living Crisis it can be difficult to donate, but if you are in a position to do so, every pound counts and helps us to make a positive impact on the lives of people across Doncaster.

Thank you!


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