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dash for darts blog – Jim

Trustee Jim tells us why he's running for darts

A group of 5 people stand outside the front of The Point smiling, with their arms cheering in the air.

Jim Carley is the founder and Managing Director of Carley Consult, and one of the fantastic Trustees here at darts.

Jim brings a wealth of experience in business development, building corporate partnerships and bid writing, and this year is helping to raise funds through taking part in dash for darts. Hear more about his involvement with our work, and reason for running.


How did you first get involved with darts?

I became aware of darts when as a trustee of EXPECT Youth, supporting youth based projects across Doncaster. Building on this, I was delighted to accept the offer to become a trustee of darts in 2022.


What does darts mean to you?

darts is an important charity within Doncaster, not just in terms of all the important work it does in relation to the arts, but as a local beacon of good practice for the voluntary sector. 

It’s important for Doncaster that charities like darts can provide access for local people to creative opportunities which might otherwise be inaccessible to them.


Can you tell us more about why you wanted to get involved in dash for darts?

Being both a trustee and a runner, it was pretty inevitable !


When and why did you first take up running?

 I have been a runner on and off (mainly on) since I was fairly young. I was initially inspired as a child by watching the early editions of the London Marathon on the TV in the 1980s. I’ve been lucky enough to run the London Marathon three times (1993, 1995, and 2016) as well as the Manchester Marathon with my son George in 2021. I run partly to try and stay vaguely fit and healthy, but I also find it quite cathartic and an opportunity to give myself some headspace whilst exercising at the same time.


How are you finding training and feeling about the Doncaster City 10k?

 It’s great to have the opportunity to engage in some first-hand fundraising for darts. My best running days are sadly now behind me, and it’s a goodly while since I’ve got anywhere near any personal bests, but I’ll be running the Worksop Half Marathon just before the Doncaster City 10K, so will hopefully put in a performance that’s not too shabby.


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