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Finding Enjoyment, Gaining Achievement

A participatory research study

Schoolchildren dancing and laughing at a darts in Doncaster project

Finding Enjoyment, Gaining Achievement is a participatory research study by Emma Crook and Shirley Brice Heath with Jim Lunt and Caitlin Whelan. The team collaborated with two Doncaster schools to undertake the research: Station Road in Conisbrough and Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Intake.

We asked a series of questions:

  1. Can we measure enjoyment?
  2. What are the benefits of enjoyment?
  3. Who or what can bring enjoyment?
  4. How can enjoyment relate to engagement and achievement?
  5. What difference does enjoyment make to preparation for life?

and researched the answers through a variety of methods. Find out the outcomes by reading the full publication here.

Finding Enjoyment, Gaining Achievement

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