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katy: my creative directions story

Katy (not her real name) was quite a shy person before she started coming to our Creative Directions sessions at The Point.

Katy has learning difficulties and found it difficult to join in activities and talk to new people.

We had no idea what to expect when we came  her carer Emily (not her real name) told us. but everyone was really friendly. It was nice that Katy could meet a friendly face.

“She enjoyed every minute of it. She was smiling when she came away from the session and talked about it all afternoon! She felt really good about it.”

Katy has made new friends since coming to Creative Directions, and enjoys coming to the group every week.

“Seeing Katy’s progress and the confidence that she’s gained in Creative Directions is just amazing”

Creative Directions is a weekly opportunity for adults with experience of mental health issues to develop and maintain good mental health, make connections with others and build their confidence long term.

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