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Meet the Artist: Natasha Poland

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Natasha completed a traineeship here at darts, She is a Doncaster-based artist and illustrator who used to come to darts programmes growing up!

What made you become an artist?

I’ve always been interested in the arts – I always doodled in margins and that kind of thing at school. I then went down the education route to study animation but have since deviated from that a bit, with freelance work for graphics and illustration.

What’s your favourite thing about your traineeship at darts?

Definitely the people. The people I’m meeting in the workshops, they’re so friendly and it’s really interesting to come and talk to them. The artists at The Point themselves are just so lovely and open, if you’re a bit stuck with something, they’re happy to come and help. It’s a really nice atmosphere to be able to work in.

What would your dream workshop or project be?

Something like a feature film but one where you get a lot of community engagement. Instead of just animating scenes, you’d get to interact and engage with the community, getting their input, with some movement or something physical. Making it a group piece where everyone can have some time on the screen.

Any advice for anyone wanting to be more creative?

Don’t be too precious about it, especially if you’ve never really done anything creative before. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time, it could be anything different to usual – from walking a different route when you walk the dog, to arranging flowers a bit differently at home. Just little bits and bobs that will start growing into you doing things a bit more creatively, then they’ll come together!

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