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Moments of Joy

Funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation allows adults to get involved in the arts and improve wellbeing

Moments of Joy is an arts project designed to help adults improve mental health, connect with others and feel better about themselves.  Thanks to funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation we were able to work alongside South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) to enable people to take part in music, dance and visual art sessions delivered by our artists and Yorkshire Artspace between September 2016 and March 2017.

Our experienced artists delivered dance and music workshops at The Point for people referred to us by SYHA and through Doncaster’s Social Prescribing Scheme. Social Prescribing allows people to get non-medical support such as help to look after the home and activities to improve emotional wellbeing.

We wanted to identify and remove any barriers that prevented people coming to creative sessions  and learn more about how taking part can have a positive impact on how people feel.

It is always a pleasure to come as it always makes my self-esteem improve. If I was stuck at home I would be feeling sorry for myself and not having much exercise. I have lots of moments of joy coming here and feel motivated to come despite feeling rubbish.
I always feel energized after a class and the people are friendly and easy to work with and the class is always different and we learn new moves. It’s a nice atmosphere and a lovely studio. The teacher is lovely and she doesn’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do and she is very interactive and makes things as easy as possible.

We were particularly interested in the joy and energy people felt and saw how their confidence developed over the course of the sessions.

I enjoyed this session. [The artist] is amazing. She gives us confidence to try new movements. I suffer with depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia so I can get stuck in a rut. Coming here cheers me up tremendously. I would come every day if I could.

By the end of the project new friendships had been created and participants had begun to meet up outside of the weekly sessions. Moments of Joy made a significant impact on their mental health and sense of wellbeing.

Hope we can continue when we get some more funding. It has made me more active with a positive frame of mind. It has been great meeting new people and making new friends and getting to know them.
Please please please make every effort possible to facilitate more groups like this. It has had a massive impact on me and others. These activities really do help mental health.

Funding for these sessions has now come to an end, however we would like to continue the relationship with SYHA and find funding so Moments of Joy can continue. If you would like more information about Moments of Joy or if you could help to fund this work, please email Lucy Robertshaw –

To find out more about The Point, our facilities and how to get here, please follow this link.

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