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Help people like Meena turn their life around through creative activity

darts is a charity in Doncaster. Two Dance On participants clasp hands, smiling. One is seated and the other stands up. Dance On is a joyful, fun dance workshop for people over 55 to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Make donating to darts your New Year’s Resolution

In 2024, we’re asking for you to become regular a donor towards programmes like Dance On, and help support people in Doncaster to improve life, learning and health through the arts.

Meena’s Story

As a person-led charity, participant experience is a driving force behind what we do. Often, participant voices speak the loudest.

Here’s Meena’s story.

Why did you first come to Dance On?

“I was suffering with mental health problems, anxiety and panic attacks. I was isolated and lonely and did not see any point in living. I had medication and counselling, and through my counsellor, was referred to a social prescriber (Glen) who told me about Dance On at The Point. At the time, it filled me with dread going into town. Then, from a leaflet, I found there was a class locally. The day I first went to Dance On was the day I had to decide on life or death.”

What is it about Dance On that works for you?

“The support of the dance instructors, no pressure, the friendliness of everyone there, and the fun you can have. You can do as much or as little as you want to, but being there with company makes such a difference when you’re on your own – the happy atmosphere where nobody expects anything from you, just to enjoy yourself.”

What difference has it made to your life?

I have now reclaimed my life. I wanted to die but now I want to live and look forward to every Friday.

“My state of mind has completely changed and emotionally, killing myself is not part of my thoughts anymore. I now feel confident to join other things and enjoy life. My frown and negative thoughts are now positive along with a smile.”

What would you say to a friend if you were persuading them to give Dance On a try?

Don’t give up as I nearly did. Seek out activities that are out there. Medication plays a part in recovering from mental health but along with Dance On, you have it all.”

If I could get it across how near I was to ending my life and how I feel now I would shout from the roof tops.

A green and white post saying 'a £20 donation could fund a place at Dance On, making life-changing support to someone's mental health'

Your donation makes a difference this year

As a registered charity, darts can only run programmes like Dance On thanks to the generous donations of trusts, foundations, businesses and community champions like you.

The difference your donation could make:

  • £2 a month could support someone like Meena to attend Dance On, and change their life for the better
  • By donating £6, you could fund the studio hire for Dance On, and help people like Meena reclaim their life
  • £10 a month could pay for a dance artist to deliver a Dance On session, improving the lives of people across Doncaster

Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a positive impact to the lives of people across Doncaster. To support darts’ work, donate via our CAF donation page, or get in touch with Eliza at to find out more about community fundraising.

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