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Introducing our new look!

As it’s our 30th year as darts (and we recently celebrated 20 years since opening The Point), we wanted to use the opportunity to respond to some of the challenges we often face in communicating who we are and what we do

It’s easy for people to be confused about the organisation (darts) and the place (The Point):

darts is a participatory arts charity working in the Doncaster borough – our mission is to create art with people in Doncaster to improve life, learning and health.

The Point is our home but is also a public venue open to all – we want people to see the building as a destination, and an inclusive place to come to experience creative activity, our gallery and events, as well as having a fantastic café.

The Point is also home to other organisations such as Doncaster Music Service, and hosts a wide range of other activities including meetings, courses, launches and performances.

We hope that our new branding shows that whilst darts and The Point have different functions, they are part of the same family and share the same approach to engaging all, thinking creatively, making connections and inspiring – and being inspired by – people

We have created two separate websites to show:

  • the broader work of darts across the borough and the national impact and significance this has –
  • The Point as a venue and key destination in Doncaster town centre for all to visit and enjoy –

We have lots more plans to spread the word about our work throughout our 30th year so keep a lookout for further information, events and opportunities throughout 2020

We have attempted to make this website as accessible as possible. If you found using this website difficult with a screen reader or have any feedback, please email us our developer on