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Past Project: Preparing to Fly

A film themed around mental health and wellbeing

Man in pyjamas from darts' Creative Directions group, standing in the woods throws feathers in the air

Preparing to Fly was a project run by drama worker Layne and filmmaker Jim, funded by Right Up Our Street. Layne worked with participants who had a specific interest in film and drama from previous projects along with some Creative Directions participants who wanted to stretch themselves artistically.

The group worked together to contribute ideas for a film themed around mental health and wellbeing. They drew specific inspiration from David Almond’s book ‘My Dad’s a Birdman’, and worked with visual artists Caroline Cullingford and Angie Hardwick to design and create props for the film.¬†They filmed in various locations around Doncaster, including Sandal Beat Woods, Frenchgate Centre and Carr House Allotments.

The film was shared at a special screening at The Point with participants, facilitators and people from the community. You can view the film below along with a selection of images taken during filming.

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