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pat and albert – singing for memory

Pat and Albert share the joy they've found through Singing for Memory

Older adults play kazoos at our Singing for Memory sessions for adults with dementia and their carers

Pat and Albert have been coming to our Singing for Memory group for 5 years, following Albert’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Pat has supported Albert throughout as his family carer. This was manageable at first as they were able to access an Alzheimer’s Society course. There were also groups that they could attend together such as Memory Cafes.

A friend recommended Singing for Memory to Pat and Albert. This regular group, which normally meets at The Point, is different to other Doncaster activities. It provides opportunities to socialise, sing a broad range of songs, and create new songs.

Pat tells us that she likes getting to know the other participants and says they cheer her up and make her laugh:

We always enjoy coming. We love the fact that it’s a change and somewhere to meet people. We also appreciate that it’s free.

Pat and Albert are missing Singing for Memory and can’t wait to get back to sessions to sing, socialise and feel better.

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