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Percussion at Home with Gary Hammond

Create rhythms and music with Gary, using next to no equipment!


Our musician, Gary Hammond, shows you how to learn a cup rhythm. You only need 3 cups and some patience. It’s harder than it looks!

We’d love to see how you get on – can you master Gary’s cup rhythm – can you create your own? How about layering vocals over the top for an extra challenge?

Whatever you come up with we’d love to see! Remember to follow the guidelines below to record and share your work with us! By sending us your films or sound recordings, you are giving us permission to use them on our website and social media channels.

Creating the right environment if you’re filming/ recording music

A suitable location to host the video would be somewhere:

  • Quiet, with good sound acoustics
  • Light, but not in front of a window or any other light source
  • A non-busy backdrop, please check that the images/content of your background don’t have photos or anything like post with your address on!
  • With good Wi-Fi connection- near your router is best

If you’re sending us films or sound recordings, try to send them by email to

If they are too big to email, you can use WeTransfer (it is free and really easy to use).

Or just tag us on social media:

Instagram – @wearedarts
Facebook – @wearedarts
Twitter – @we_aredarts

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