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Tasha’s Traineeship Experience

Tasha’s Journey with darts

Tasha began her journey with darts as a teenager when she first began volunteering for exhibitions and events at The Point. However, she soon realised that it offered so much more, and became a regular participant in darts’ music and visual arts workshops. Just before completing her GCSEs, Tasha made the decision to leave mainstream school and started home education; the programmes at darts became even more important to Tasha, enabling her to discover her artistic talent, connect with her creative background and explore new ways of making and sharing art.

“My family has always been pretty creative… with a background in music and theatre, so I’ve always had the chance to play around with things before my GCSEs I dropped out of school and went home ed and just kicked my music and art into gear and  just really enjoyed it… then went onto the avenue of pursuing it practically rather than just a hobby.”

Tasha told us that, having explored different artistic media through sessions at The Point, her art became a real vocation. She went on to study animation at university, enjoying learning new skills, expanding her practice and developing new techniques. However, Tasha found that, although the course was enjoyable, it didn’t equip her with the practical knowledge and diversity of skills that she needed to pursue and build up her practice independently. She struggled to find opportunities to grow as an artist in her own right.

“Even though I thoroughly enjoyed it and managed to improve my art a million-fold, when I left, other than preparing you to go straight to a studio role there wasn’t really an option other than setting up a shop… and it’s actually really hard.”

Hearing about the traineeship opportunity, Tasha jumped at the chance to learn more about arts facilitation and ways to diversify her practice. With darts having played an essential part in her creative journey as a teenager, coming back to The Point as an artist with an established practice felt like coming full circle. For Tasha, the traineeship seemed to offer the chance to impact the lives and help grow the creative talents of young people in Doncaster, just as she had experienced as a darts participant growing up. She told us that the traineeship enabled her to give back to the community, helping guide other young people in Doncaster on their creative journey while developing her practice as an artist.

When I heard about this traineeship, I was thinking I’d wanted to get back to darts… I wanted to help offer something to kids who went through the same thing as me, and who wanted to explore art.

Tasha’s personal and artistic development

Tasha told us that, as the traineeship progressed, she began to recognise the personal – as well as professional – development that it enabled. Working alongside darts’ artists, and sharing her work supporting workshop delivery, her confidence grew. By learning more about arts facilitation, co-delivery and combining art forms, Tasha expanded both her skillset and creative ambition, learning how to pull together different strands of her work to create an enriching experience for participants. She told us that this opened up new opportunities that hadn’t been available to her before the traineeship programme.

It’s massively helped with myself as a person, and career-wise, I’ve found so many things I could potentially do and choose between.”

Having been involved with The Point from a young age, Tasha found that coming back to The Point – somewhere she knew well and had grown up with – meant that she felt confident to push the boundaries of her work, taking it to new levels and in new directions. Working in this environment also helped develop Tasha’s personal approaches to work and creativity which, in turn, positively impacted her art.

I learnt so much, things I’d never have thought about.. the way I’d approach a project, or a situation or a brief… I’ve absorbed so much information that it’s drastically improved everything that I thought I could’ve improved before coming here. It was a lot of fun.

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