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Unlocking Dementia Report

A report on the development, production and tour of Unlocking Dementia

Doncaster Council and Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group commissioned darts to create a brand new performance that would raise awareness of dementia in Doncaster. The brief was to design and deliver 28 interactive shows across the borough to a range of businesses, schools and community groups. The performance had to be flexible enough to suit a range of audiences, from school children to members of the public and from employees to care home workers. The aim was to raise awareness of dementia and help contribute to making Doncaster more Dementia Friendly.

The tour of the performance was incredibly successful and led to a further piece of development to tour the performance to BAME led community groups to explore how dementia is perceived by a wide range of different families.

You can read our Unlocking Dementia Report here.

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