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Anna Bean – Creative Directions

Anna Bean is a visual artist who has been working with Creative Directions – our fun and supportive group for adults experiencing mental health issues.

The sessions with Anna have worked really well, and Anna has been supporting participants to create album covers for music they have been making with professional DJ and producer, Rob Pearson.

Some of the wonderful work created by participants.

Anna Bean creates amazing artwork using staged or unusual photographic imagery and collage.

The group has responded really well to the sessions and participants have created some really beautiful and vibrant work. The sessions have also been really well attended.

More of the wonderful work created by participants.

Anna’s work and approach has also had a positive impact on the morning group, as participants have been inspired participants to start cutting up their images and creating new collages.

Anna has really enjoyed the response to her sessions, too. For example, one participant (who always says he’s not very creative) struggles with his hands, but he was inspired to find a way to respond using his computer at home and then brought this in to share with the group.

Our next sessions will be led by Ian Kirkpatrick, creating fun and imaginative works in response to our Mythomania exhibition.

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