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Creative Directions Collagraphy

Beautiful collagraphy prints designed by Creative Directions participants

A woman smiling in front of a sewing machine - darts visual artist Karen Hall

Visual artist Karen Hall has been creating beautiful collagraphy prints using plates designed by Creative Directions participants.

Since face to face sessions have been postponed due to Covid-19, our artists have been producing lots of great visual art resources to keep participants feeling creative and connected.

We know that not everyone has access to the Internet and that some people prefer getting something through the post, so Karen has designed an activity that allows Creative Directions participants to have a go at printmaking at home.

Participants don’t need to be good at art or able to draw to enjoy this activity – our postal instructions will help to get participants started.

Karen has printed some of our participants’ plates in her studio – enjoy seeing some of their beautiful work below:

Enjoy learning how Karen brought these prints to life in this video:

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