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Meet the Artist: Angie Hardwick

Find out more about the artists creating your darts activities

Angie is a Visual artist from Sheffield who specialises in ceramics. She does lots of playing with clay and gets lots of other people playing with clay too! She has been delivering work with darts on a freelance basis for over 6 years now, with lots of different groups.

What made you become an artist?

It was actually an Art Technician at Doncaster College. She engaged with students on a personal level and shared her knowledge of art freely. She definitely raised my interest in ceramics and encouraged me to go further.

Can you tell us a bit more about your practice?

I find inspiration in stories. My work connects people to place and brings heritage to the forefront, highlighting appreciation and creating thoughtful links. I engage with the community, creatively explore and narrate a journey or personal history. My practice is focused on intergenerational multicultural inclusion, offering positive exciting art experiences and embedding a sense of belonging.

What do you like best about working with darts?

I find people interesting so I love engaging with a range of different people. I really love outreach work, Arts Awards in schools, working with people with mental health issues. I particularly loved the Approved Premises sessions in Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

If you could work on anything, what would your dream workshop or project be?

To produce a permanent public artwork with the community. I particularly like longer projects that include co-creating work together. I find opportunities like these help build trust, confidence and more meaningful relationships within groups. Projects with a purposeful outcome. I would also love to work on a collaborative project with other artists.

Any advice for someone wanting to get more creative?

Creative activities are so beneficial, so just do it as often as you can, experiment and have fun!



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