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meet the artist: angie hardwick

Find out more about the artists creating your darts activities

Angie is a Visual artist from Sheffield who specialises in ceramics. She does lots of playing with clay and gets lots of other people playing with clay too! She has been delivering work with darts on a freelance basis for over 6 years now, with lots of different groups.

She says:

I love working with Creative Directions, they are so welcoming. I really feel part of the group and not just the tutor! Some of the clay outcomes haven't turned out quite as people expected, but we've embraced it and laughed together. Its a joy to be able to make someone smile - especially when they are struggling with various issues.

When delivering creative activities for darts at Home, Angie had to adapt quickly – particularly with technology. She had to make lots of videos including Blue Peter style ones complete with ‘here’s one I made earlier’. She also says “I don’t know how we ever managed without Zoom!”

Angie created a step by step Introduction to Collage. The activity focuses on a scenic view, such as a beach or countryside. You can using objects from around the home, like envelopes or sponge to create your own textural artwork.


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