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Meet the Artist: Emma Liversidge

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Artist Emma delivers a creative session in Doncaster

Emma Liversidge is a drama practitioner who delivers creative sessions in schools as part of our Creative Classrooms project. We interviewed Emma to find out more about where her inspiration comes from and what she enjoys most about working creatively.

What inspired you to become a drama practitioner?

I have been a drama practitioner since leaving drama school over 10 years ago. I wanted to become a drama practitioner because ultimately it satisfies my need to create and perform, as well as my desire to ‘do good’ and spark confidence, creativity and self expression within other people.

What do you love most about creating drama in schools?

I love creating drama in schools because with young people there are often no boundaries, they are fearless and very happy to connect with their creative self, almost intuitively. We can go anywhere in the world without leaving the classroom – it’s magic!

Two girls smiling in a darts primary school workshop

How has the pandemic impacted your work? What have the challenges been and how have you adapted your practice?

The pandemic has only made creatives more creative! I have undoubtedly missed the connection in the room, as that’s what half the wonder of drama is, but we have used digital platforms and methods to connect with people and still deliver workshops and performances. It was so interesting how creative subjects were some of the first to be used to spur people on through such a difficult time

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

My ideas and inspiration usually come from the people in the room. I make plans at home, but know that these are often deviated from because in the moment the energy of the group, or the environment, can have such sway in how a session moves. I feel my practice draws on part of my formal training using practitioners theories, but also from stories, poetry, art and music. I think an idea can spark from anywhere really!

group of school children with arms in the air at a darts dance session in Doncaster

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Emma was photographed by James Drury for Next Door But One.

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