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Meet the Artist: Janet Wallace

Meet the artists delivering your darts workshops

Janet completed a traineeship here at darts. She is talented visual artist with a love of colour and scale in community arts projects.

What made you become an artist?

I always wanted to be an artist, drawing things when I was really small, but never really had the creative tools to do that because we just couldn’t afford them. So, I’d use my imagination – looking out at the night skies, and see the stars, universe and colours – it sounds airy but it’s true! Then, a few years ago, I had a bit of a health scare and needed to really change what I was doing with my life and have a complete lifestyle change. For my mental health I started painting and drawing with little bits that I’d collected over the years. I tried doing that on and off, and then everything sort of came together – it’s been completely organic.

What do you like best about your traineeship with darts?

The traineeship with darts is amazing. The best thing is the amount of people who are all really good people – working on the same vibe, who want good and colour in the community, and are really passionate about doing that. It’s nice to be amongst other people who genuinely encourage me to do stuff, and want me to do good stuff. Doing something good, and then sharing that with other people. I love that support network, supporting you to do what you love, without any pressure.

If you could work on anything, what would your dream project or workshop be?

I have a vision of creating a cube, and inside I’d paint a nebulous – millions of stars painted, and then you could stand inside and be surrounded by a universe, alongside sound. It would be a sensory experience.It would be almost as if you’re floating in space. An interesting project to do…

What do you love most about working with members of the Doncaster community?

It’s really good! I’ve done some murals locally all around town, and you just get people coming up saying, ‘it’s alright that, we need a bit more colour!’

There are a lot of people who want to see colour and joy in their everyday life, so it’s really encouraging when people really get into the story of what you’re painting. I like how it brings people together. It’s a pleasure, I love it.

Any advice for someone wanting to get more creative?

I suggest getting as messy as possible. Buy super cheap paints, buy big pieces of paper – you can get them at any local art store. Go on YouTube and find someone who inspires you or is doing something interesting that you’d like to experiment with, and just try it out. Doing it is actually really good for you and your growth – you might not realise it at the time. I suggest just getting a few colours, just paint and paper, then just get messy.


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