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Swept Up in the Story

Today a diverse group of people of different ages and abilities have come together at The Point to make stories and learn theatre skills. They are open and encouraging of each other, the space is filled with smiles and enthusiasm, ideas and encouragement.

As I arrive a sense of action and enjoyment of learning spills out and I can’t help but feel swept up in the moment, eager to find out what they are working on.

Today our Creative Directions drama group are in the middle of a workshop, building skills and confidence towards a large-scale production of Caucasian Chalk Circle which will be performed on the Main Stage at Cast Theatre as part of the National Theatre’s Public Acts project.

During their workshop, the actors have taken over different rooms at The Point as they explore promenade performance (where the audience moves through a space with the performers to follow the story). This is just one of the skills they are exploring in preparation for their performance at Cast this summer.

There are brightly coloured fabrics hung about the spaces and actors beckon me to join in the story and be part of the vibrant world they are creating through improvisation and play, supported and encouraged by their directors Gitika Butoo and James Blakey.

As I leave the workshop I’m left with a sense of joy and purpose from the experience of building stories, discovering new skills, and making theatre together, I’m eager to see what the group get up to next time I visit.

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