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Meet the Artist: Felicity Dimpson

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A girl smiling - Felicity Simpson from Doncaster Music Education Hub

Felicity is a talented brass player who teaches in schools across Doncaster.

She is also a classically trained soprano, and enjoys singing musical theatre classics like West Side Story and The King and I.

Felicity started singing in Year 11 when her music teacher asked her to play the piano part for The Sound of Music – only to hear her singing in an operatic style along with it!

When I went to sixth form, I wanted to continue playing brass but I really wanted to continue my singing too. My music teacher was very supportive of that, and helped me to get singing and brass lessons at the same time, which was perfect for me.

Music is the thing I love most. Now music is my job and I love it!

Working as part of the Singing Team at Doncaster Music Education Hub, Felicity plays a key role in supporting children and young people with their musical development.

For darts at Home, Felicity created a free online tutorial to help beginner musicians better understand the music they play: Basic Theory Part 1.

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