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Meet the Artist: Ginny Coulson

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A woman smiling - Ginny Coulson, Doncaster Music Education Hub

Ginny is a singing teacher who works in schools across Doncaster. She loves to sing, and has sung ever since she knew how!

Singing has always been a big part of my life. We always had music in the house growing up.

My family and friends played a big role in inspiring me to become a singer. My Mum was a music teacher, and she encouraged me to just go for it!

Alongside singing in a live function band, Ginny brings her love for singing to the Singing Team at Doncaster Music Education Hub.

She is one of the leading practitioners for Singing Champions, a darts CPD programme which gives teachers the resources, techniques and tips to put singing at the heart of their school.

Ginny uses her expertise to help teachers experience the enormous benefits that singing can bring to promote wellbeing, create community, aid concentration and reinforce learning.

Ginny also helps to lead Sing Out, darts’ massed singing event at Doncaster Dome starring primary school pupils from across the borough!

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